Interesting solutions for Gynecologist to get better healing results using pure biology





Obstetrics and Gynecology: Faster healing and less adhesion

Advancering soft tissue healing: We have been working in oral surgery enhancing healing of soft tissue using the patients own healing potential via A-PRF™ and i-PRF™ . Today this provide gynecologists with interesting options to get faster healing, less pain and fewer post operative infections – all based on a chairside approach using the patients blood.
Less adhesion: We represent the innovative German company Bio-Science and work with HyaCorp Endo Gel to reduce adhesion problems.

The A-PRF™ membranes provide the surgeon with access to the patients immune system and growth factors concentrated at the surgical site stimulating the processes of the healing cascade in various ways – advancing healing.

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i-PRF™ is the next step PRF and offers the characteristics of A-PRF™ as a liquid. On top i-PRF™ capture an amount of stemcells from the blood stream.

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HyaCorp Endo Gel™

Hyacorp Endo Gel® is a carefully designed product which provides the ultimate solution for post operative adhesions prevention, used by Surgery, Gynecology, Orthopedic doctors during any surgical related procedures to assure the best surgical practice with prevention of adhesions formation that causes a post-operative pain, infertility, bowel obstruction, restriction of movement in case of tendon and spinal surgery.

Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin solutions

Faster healing based on the patients healing capacity – leucocytes and growth factors


Fibrin membranes

Based on a veneous blood draw from the patient into A-PRF™ tubes, spun in a centrifuge for few minutes, a blood clot is turned into a fibrin membrane where leucocytes and platelets are encapsuled – ready for slow release.



Shorten inflammation

Due to the high concentration of leucocytes in the fibrin mesh of the A-PRF™ membrane, the inflammatory processes is stimulated and the inflamatory phase reduced, enabling the proliferative phase and angiogese to start sooner.




The A-PRF™ membrane offers a wide variety of surgical applications in the oral cavity to advance healing and reduce pain. They are easy to apply to the surgical site, adhers to tissue well and can be sewed. The stay in the site for 7 to 14 days.



A-PRF™ membranes are made chairside prior to surgery or during surgery. All it takes is IV access to the patients blood and the A-PRF™ setup.




i-PRF™ offers a liquid injectable PRF membrane and is made using a different protocol and i-PRF™ tubes. i-PRF™ allow the surgeon to inject a liquid membrane and thus stimulate the surgical site by injection.



Less pain

i-PRF™ show very promissing results on pain reduction in joins, properly due to the white cells included in the i-PRF™.

Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid

Less adhesion problems when using HyaCorp endo gel®

HyaCorp endo gel® is a bio-absorbable, transparent gel composed of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The viscous nature of Hyacorp endo gel allows it to effectively adhere to the tissue surface and to the abdominal wall, creating an anti-adhesion barrier which keeps the adjacent tissue separated during the repair phase subsequent to a surgical procedure. The gel is completely degraded following the natural pathway of hyaluronan, within seven days after the application.


Adheres to the tissue surface

Hya-Corp Endo gel perfectly adheres to the tissue surface and the abdominal wall creating an anti adhesion barrier without any side effects.


Hyacorp Endo Gel ® is manufactured from raw material selected according to the highest quality aspects and is cross-linked in a special way. The products are thus particularly stable in the human body. Natural enzymatic degradation processes are slowed down by the cross-linked and gel-like substance, and by the associated reduction in the molecule surface of the products.



prefilled 10ml syringe

Hyacorp Endo Gel ® is a 10ml prefilled syringe used during surgical procedures to provide free post-operative pain caused by adhesions as well as to ensure best patient comfort without the need to go with second operative procedure in case of adhesion occur case.


Article: Effect of cross linked sodium hyaluronate in adhesion reduction within the gynecologic surgical window

Conclusions and Discussion: Fibrous adhesions between pelvic organs and the pelvic side wall during gynecological surgical procedures with laparoscopy cause severe pain and further burden the task of the laparoscopic surgeon. The attempt to reduce these adhesions by applying the site specific, hyaloronic acid based barrier, Hya-Corp endogel’ proved to be satisfying and helpful in this purely observational study.

Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2014, 4, 120-129 OJOG Published Online February 2014 (