Multi-Injectors, Linear, 3-needle connections, 27G/0,40x4mm, 36pcs.

Multi-Injectors, Linear, 3-needle connections, 27G/0,40x4mm, 36pcs.

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MESORAM - Multi-Injectors, containing 36 pieces, individually packed, not reusable, EtO sterilized, and CE marked. Multi-Injectors are provided with matching needles for fast, precise, and safe application. The perfect and precise sharpening of the needles significantly reduces the sensation of pain during treatment. The Multi-Injectors are available in straight/linear and round/circular versions, with 3, 5, or 7 needles for the different treatment methods. They are available with 27G or 30G needles. A standard Luer connector allows easy connection to the syringe containing the medication.

Multi-injectors, microinjection Needles

Needle size: 27G
Length: 4mm
Type: 3 needle connections
Box content: 36 pcs./box

Individual packing, disposable single use, EtO sterilized and CE marked.

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Vægt 01 kg
Størrelse 20 × 6 × 4 cm

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