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Exclusive distributor: We are a danish founded company representing some of most innovative companies within tissue regeneration solutions on the Nordic market, covering Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. Our solutions are pushing the limits and possibilities to secure better post operative healing and pain management for patients, healthcare professionals at lower cost and based on pure biology.

Choukroun PRF: We are the exclusive distributor of PROCESS OF PRF smart blood concentration solutions A-PRF™ and i-PRF™ providing access to the patients healing potential in a fast and easy way with multiple areas of application, all focused on faster healing, less infection risk and less pain. 
Pure Facial Aesthetics We offer a full solution to the next generation skin rejuvenation based on the clients own cells and growth factors. Rejuvenation and augmentation made simpel and pure using the Cleopatra Technique
DIZG: We represent DIZG – German based bone & tissue bank, part of the MTF the worlds largest bone bank – on the Nordic market and provide allografts to surgeons for less invasive reconstruction surgery and more bio-logic grafts, than synthetic or Xenografts. By having access to the healing potential from the patient, allografts become a straight forward solution.


Brief introduction to our main focus areas



Smart Blood Concentrates

The core of focus on our business is based on Smart Blood Concentrates from Dr. Joseph Choukroun – the pioneer and inventor of PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) – who since 2001 has pushed the limits and research on the possibilities to advance post surgical wound healing and pain management. 

Today his work is materialised as the A-PRF™ fibrin membrane solution and the i-PRF™ injectable PRF solution offering healthcare professionals a wide range of capabilities – all biologically and safe.    


A-PRF™ Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin

The A-PRF™ fibrin membrane is manufactures chairside based on veneous blood drawn from the patient into A-PRF™ tubes. After few minutes of spin in the DUO centrifuge a blood clot is turned into a fibrin membrane encapsulating white cells and platelets for slow release for more than 7 days.

The A-PRF™ membranes provide the surgeon with access to the patients immune system and growth factors concentrated at the surgical site stimulating the processes of the healing cascade in various ways – advancing healing.


i-PRF™ Injectable PRF

Research of i-PRF (“i” as injectable) has been directed towards obtaining a blood concentrate with very high leukocyte content but which coagulates few minutes after the end of spin. This “super PRF” is produced with new tubes i-PRF specific for this preparation.

The use of i-PRF is in its infancy, but already, the results in both oral surgery in regenerative medicine are very promising injection into soft tissue to increase vascularity and perhaps improve the biotype, injection into the bone graft particles (biomaterials) to coagulate and get a “solid” free of all movements granules.


3 Dimensional Wound healing

The thinking of placing a concentrate of white cells and platelets with slow release capabilities onto external wounds have shown to be very promising and a significantly cheaper than many protocols used today.

The A-PRF™ membranes offers a fast and easy to handle approach for external coverage of the wound surface while the i-PRF™ provide a new perspective for injection stimulation of the wound edge and thus approach wound heling as a three dimensional treatment protocol.


Adhesion Reduction

Post-surgical adhesion formation is a well known complication surgeons face in medical disciplines like abdominal or gynecological surgery.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid offers – as a biological anti-adhesion agent – very interesting perspectives for prevention of adhesion. Bio-Science HyaCorp Endo Gel is a bio absorbable sterile, transparent, high viscous gel is produced by condensation of hyaluronic acid, which is one of the main components of human connective tissue. It adheres to tissue surfaces and to the abdominal wall and is effective as an anti-adhesion barrier substance on the local level.



Human tissue transplants from a donor tissue facility enable surgeons to work less invasive avoiding autologous transplants and donorside morbidity. We represent DIZG who is the largest tissue bank establishment in Germany – Deutsche Institute für Zells- und Gewebeersatz – with a portfolio of more than 250 shapes and sizes. The DIZG portfolio is composed of spongiosa, corticalis, fascia lata, DBM, skin, amnion and tendons.

Products like Epiflex – acellular human dermis – is used in burn wound healing, in breast reconstructions and as mesh in hernia repair.


in the Surgical Theater

A-PRF™ membranes are created in the surgical theater during the operation and can be stored for 3-4 hours

Solutions versus Medical Specialities

Brief introduction to our approach and solution offering in different medical specialities.

Orthopaedic Surgery


Our solutions for Orthopaedic surgery combine our knowledge and portfolio within the Smart Blood Concentrates and Hyaluronic Acid to create faster and more secure healing results with less pain.

By combining A-PRF™ and i-PRF™ we enable Orthopaedic Surgeons to work smarter with bone grafts and to explore the potential from allografts.

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Wound Healing


The core objective for using Smart Blood Concentrates are faster healing through stimulation of the healing cascade from point of inflammation to blood vessels formation during the proliferative phase.

A-PRF™ membranes offers a flexible way to stimulate a wound surface from the outside, while i-PRF™ allow us to think healing in more dimensions.

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Plastic Surgery


Our Smart Blood Concentrates enables Plastic Surgeon to do better tissue generation and offers the potential to be a bio-materiale it self. When combined with Allograft tissues like e.g. Epiflex or Amnion tissue embedment happens significantly faster.

For reshaping and augmentation of various body parts our offering of Hyaluronic Acid fillers is substantial while our i-PRF™ offer interesting new perspectives on rejuvenation based on growth factors and stemcells.

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For Rheumatologist the combination of leucocytes, stemcells and platelets in i-PRF™ opens new ways to treat inflammatory deceases, by injection of the patients own healing potential.

The process of i-PRF™ is simpel, fast and flexible.



Our offering cover areas like non-adhesion components to reduce adhesion in the post surgical window to faster healing and pain management using our Smart Blood Concentrate solutions. We also offer different kinds of Hyaluronic Acid products for incontinens treatments.

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DIZG is the leading supplier in Germany of Amnion to Ophthalmologist.

From Bio-Science in Germany we offer Viscosurg for intraocular use.

Sports Medicine


i-PRF™ offers at completely safe and biologically approach to pain management in sport injuries. i-PRF™ provides pro-inflammatory cells, growth factors and stem cells at your fingertips in few minutes and allow you to do multiple injections with 1-2 weeks in between.

Including A-PRF™ fibrin membranes in reconstruction of the ligament may speed up the healing process and enable a faster rehabilitation.



Providing a safe long time prophylaxis for regeneration and symptomatic relief for inflamed and traumatized tissues in the area of oral cavity, HyaSept holds an interesting stimulation of the oral cavity for patients with a dry mouth diagnose. HyaSept is based on Hyaluronic Acid


Sleeve Gastrectomy


In the area of Gastric surgery our Platelet Rich Fibrin solution is eliminating complications from healing around the suturing site, in e.g. Gastric Sleeve procedure.

Oral Surgery


Our offering in the area of Oral surgery and dental is market by our sister company – Puredent.

A-PRF™ has been used in Oral surgery for +12 years and today several thousand solutions is helping dentists and oral surgeon to achieve strong healing results.

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