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Cross discipline

We are a branch of Puremedical Group focused on the veterinarian field with knowledge and solutions based on bio-logic thinking and regenerative products. From our sister companies, Puremed and Puredent, we share knowledge and experience from human sports- and dental medicine to the veterinarian field and vice versa.

Platelet Rich Fibrin

We have, since 2012, gained substantial experience using Platelet Rich Fibrin in the human field across disciplines and, since 2017 been using this to expand into Equine Sports Medicine and veterinarian dentistry with promising results. In the veterinarian setting, we are seeing new exciting applications of PRF in areas like cornea defects and other areas of ophthalmology.

Ultrasonic technology

It is our pleasure to introduce the expertise and product portfolio of Söring to the Scandinavian Veterinary medicine market. Technology that enables veterinarians to effectively remove devitalized tissue close to healthy tissue, cut in hard tissue, and remove tumors.

VTS Allografts

We represent Veterinarian Tissue Services (VTS) in the Scandinavian countries, offering a wide selection of bone and tissue grafts for Orthopedic surgeons to do less invasive augmentations using truly biocompatible grafts of Canine, Feline, or Equine origin.

Magnetic Mallet

An innovative medical device for dental and orthopedic procedures, allowing secure, minimally invasive, and atraumatic handling of the bone when extracting teeth, removing excess bone during orthopedic procedures, and likewise situations where the power of a Mallet is required.

Brief introduction to our main focus areas


Wound healing

The vital elements in any successful wound healing or grafting situation are managing the inflammation process, controlling fibroblast activity and epithelialization, and orchestrating neo-vascularization. PRF supports this very well.

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Dentistry - PRF

PRF is today widely used in dentistry, and since 2017 we have supplied veterinarians with PRF and biomaterials for periodontitis treatments. Adding a PRF component into the healing process of a periodontitis treatment help get faster proliferation and neo-angiogenesis.

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Söring Ultrasonic Technology

It is our pleasure to introduce the expertise and product portfolio of Söring to the Scandinavian Veterinary medicine market.

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Magnetic Mallet

Magnetic Mallet® is an innovative medical device enabling the surgeon to administer a high force of a mallet, using one hand. This allows easy tooth extraction and bone splitting depending on the task at hand. We have developed specific veterinarian instruments for teeth extraction and bone management.

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Canine tissue transplants from the Veterinarian Transplant Services (VTS) donor tissue facility enable surgeons to work less invasive avoiding autologous transplants and donor site morbidity. We represent VTS in the Nordic market and have access to a portfolio of more than 100 shapes and sizes.

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Dental instruments

We offer a wide selection of dental surgical instruments from leading manufacturers from Tuttlingen in Germany. We offer a webshop inside the USTOMED universe and specific veterinarian dental instruments from BMT Surgical

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Sterile Storage

We offer sterile storage solutions eco-friendly where autoclave bags are not needed.

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