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Innovative: We are a Danish founded company representing some of the most innovative companies within tissue regeneration solutions on the Nordic market, covering Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark. Our solutions are pushing the limits and possibilities to secure better post-operative healing and pain management for patients, healthcare professionals at a lower cost, and based on pure biology.
PRF: We are providing smart blood concentration solutions of Bio-PRF and injectable PRF giving access to the patients healing potential in a fast and easy way with multiple areas of application, all focused on faster healing, less infection risk, and less pain.
ADSC´s: We are helping physicians and veterinarians to include ADSC´s, in their regenerative work and utilize the vast amounts of stem cells stored in adipose tissue, as nanofat and concentrated SVF injections.
DIZG: We represent DIZG -German-based bone & tissue bank, part of the MTF the world’s largest bone bank – on the Nordic market and provide allografts to surgeons for less invasive reconstruction surgery and more bio-logic grafts, than synthetic or Xenografts. By having access to the healing potential from the patient, allografts become a straightforward solution.

A brief introduction to our main focus areas


Minimally Invasive

The red line of our offering is centered around the patient, providing solutions to utilize the biologic healing capacity of the patient in a broad spectrum of medical specialties and across species.

We pride our self of working with physicians and veterinarians who understand the power of biology and see minimally invasive solutions as the way forward.


PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin

The PRF fibrin membrane is manufactured chairside based on venous blood drawn from the patient into PRF tubes. After a few minutes of spin in the centrifuge, a blood clot is turned into a fibrin membrane encapsulating white cells and platelets for slow release for more than 7 days.

The PRF membranes provide the surgeon with access to the patient’s immune system and growth factors concentrated at the surgical site stimulating the processes of the healing cascade in various ways – advancing healing.

Injectable PRF adds an interesting possibility to direct regenerative cells and growth factors into tissues and joints as a fluid. Normally PRF results in a fibrin matrix where the fibrin encapsulates the cells and platelets right after centrifugation. The injectable PRF the clotting is postponed with 10-15 minutes.


ADSC´s solution

myStem® is the leading bedside solution for harvesting and filtering stem cells from adipose tissue in a short time. The myStem® setup utilizes the full lipoaspirate to collect stem cells and regenerative cells. The system allows surgeons to concentrate on the Stromal Vascular Fraction and do injections with a Stem Cell rich fluid component. The solid part of the lipoaspirate can be made into Nanofat. myStem® is flexible and easy to use.


Dimensional Wound healing

The thinking of placing a concentrate of white cells and platelets with slow release capabilities onto external wounds have shown to be very promising and significantly cheaper than many protocols used today.

The PRF membranes offer a fast and easy to handle approach for external coverage of the wound surface while the injectable PRF provides a new perspective for injection stimulation of the wound edge and thus approach wound healing as a three-dimensional treatment protocol.


Advanced Hybrid Bone Grafts

By using digital information from a CBCT scan, our partner IBI SA is able to design and manufacture advanced bone structures in the exact shape and size needed. It allows surgeons to do advanced bone reconstruction after trauma or oncology treatments without harvesting bone grafts from the patient. The novel bone graft used is a hybrid of bovine bone and a polymer that gives high stability and slowly is transformed into new bone in the patient.



Human tissue transplants from a donor tissue facility enable surgeons to work less invasive avoiding autologous transplants and donor site morbidity. We represent DIZG who is the largest tissue bank establishment in Germany – Deutsche Institute für Zells- und Gewebeersatz – with a portfolio of more than 250 shapes and sizes. The DIZG portfolio is composed of spongiosa, corticalis, fascia lata, DBM, skin, amnion, and tendons. Products like Epiflex – acellular human dermis – are used in burn wound healing, in breast reconstructions, and as mesh in hernia repair.


Veterinarian wound

The vital elements in any successful wound healing or grafting situation, is the management of the inflammation process, control of fibroblast activity and epithelialization, and the orchestration of neovascularization.

This management task can successfully be performed by using autologous cells collected from sources like the bloodstream, bone marrow, and adipose tissue.

At Puremed our wound healing portfolio is focused on

  • Blood-derived cells following the PRF protocol
  • Adipose-derived Stem cells, Point-of-Care
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Veterinarian pain mgmt

Our portfolio of regenerative medicine solutions is today used in the treatment of both small and large animals.

They offer an easy workflow and point of care access to support pain management and wound healing.

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in the Surgical Theater

PRF membranes are created in the surgical theater during the operation and can be stored for 3-4 hours

Solutions versus Medical Specialities

A brief introduction to our approach and solution offering in different medical specialties.

Orthopedic Surgery


Our solutions for Orthopaedic surgery combine our knowledge and portfolio within the Smart Blood Concentrates and Hyaluronic Acid to create faster and more secure healing results with less pain.

By combining PRF and injectable PRF we enable Orthopaedic Surgeons to work smarter with bone grafts and to explore the potential from allografts.

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Wound Healing


The core objective for using Smart Blood Concentrates is faster healing through stimulation of the healing cascade from point of inflammation to blood vessel formation during the proliferative phase.

PRF membranes offer a flexible way to stimulate a wound surface from the outside, while injectable PRF allows us to think healing in more dimensions.

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Plastic Surgery


Our Smart Blood Concentrates enables Plastic Surgeon to do better tissue generation and offers the potential to be a bio-material itself. When combined with Allograft tissues like e.g. Epiflex or Amnion tissue embedment happens significantly faster. For reshaping and augmentation of various body parts our offering of Hyaluronic Acid fillers is substantial while our injectable PRF offers interesting new perspectives on rejuvenation based on growth factors.

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For Rheumatologist, the combination of leucocytes, platelets, and fibrin in injectable PRF opens new ways to treat inflammatory diseases, by injection of the patient’s own healing potential. The process of injectable PRF is simple, fast and flexible.



Our offering covers areas like non-adhesion components to reduce adhesion in the post-surgical window to faster healing and pain management using our Smart Blood Concentrate solutions. We also offer different kinds of Hyaluronic Acid products for incontinence treatments.

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DIZG is the leading supplier in Germany of Amnion to Ophthalmologists. Also, we are in the early phase of understanding how PRF can be used in e.g. cornea defects.

Sports Medicine


Regenerative medicine offers interesting options in the treatment of sports injuries. We have today a network of physicians and veterinarians using our solutions (ADSC and PRF) for treating e.g. arthrosis in the knee joint by injections with success. In the surgical part, including fibrin membranes in the reconstruction of a ligament, seem to speed up the healing process and enable faster rehabilitation.

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Providing safe long-time prophylaxis for regeneration and symptomatic relief for inflamed and traumatized tissues in the area of the oral cavity, HyaSept holds an interesting stimulation of the oral cavity for patients with a dry mouth diagnosis. HyaSept is based on Hyaluronic Acid

Sleeve Gastrectomy


In the area of Gastric surgery, our Platelet Rich Fibrin solution is eliminating complications from healing around the suturing site, e.g. Gastric Sleeve procedure.

Oral Surgery


Our offering in the area of Oral surgery and dental is market by our sister company – Puredent. PRF has been used in Oral surgery for +12 years and today several thousand solutions are helping dentists and oral surgeons to achieve strong healing results.

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Smart Blood Concentrate solutions and Hyaluronic Acid components

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